Can I Run a Background Check on My Fiance?

Marriage is a significant commitment, and entering into it with trust and confidence is essential. While a background check isn’t a guarantee of a happy future, it can unearth information that helps you make informed decisions about your life together.

Below, we explore the legality of finacé background investigations, why they can be useful and what exactly a background check entails. 

Is a Fiancé Background Check Legal?

Yes, it’s legal to run a background check on your fiancé. However, your location (i.e., the laws of the relevant state or country) and how you obtain the information are important. 


For example, in the UK, if the information was obtained outside of the regulations stipulated by organisations such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), DPA (Data Protection Act), ABI (The Association of British Investigators) and The Law Society, your findings are illegal and inadmissible in court.


Plus, if you don’t have your fiancé’s permission to conduct a premarital background check, information like credit files and criminal records won’t be available because of data protection laws. For a successful background check, we recommend you consult with or hire a private investigator or legal expert to ensure you comply with all local laws.

Why Consider a Fiancé Background Investigation?

While it may seem intrusive, a background check on your partner can provide valuable insights and uncover potential red flags that could impact your relationship. Common motivations for a background check include:

Verifying Your Fiancé’s Identity 

If you haven’t known your fiancé for a long time, a background check can help verify their identity and basic information like education and employment history.

Checking Financial History 

Financial disputes can strain even the strongest relationships. By conducting a background check, you can uncover any outstanding debts, bankruptcies, or liens that could impact your shared financial future.

Investigating Previous Marriages 

A background check can reveal past marriages and divorces, which can be important to discuss openly before marriage.

What Does a Premarital Background Check Typically Include?

The specific details of a fiancé background investigation will vary depending on the investigator you hire and the package you choose. However, it may typically include:


  • Personal information verification – This is the first step to establishing a solid foundation for the investigation. It includes verifying your fiancé’s personal details, such as name (including aliases), date of birth, past and present addresses and current phone number.
  • Verification of employment and education – This step verifies your fiancé’s claimed employment history and academic qualifications by contacting former employers and educational institutions directly.
  • Financial background check – The investigator examines public records and credit reports to uncover any financial liabilities that could impact your shared financial future, including outstanding debts, bankruptcies, or liens.
  • Marriage history check – This can reveal any past marriages and divorces.
  • Social media investigation – A fiancé’s press, media and internet history can provide insights into their online presence and past activities. 


Depending on your specific concerns or requirements, a private investigator can tailor the background check process to address any additional areas of interest, such as asset tracing.

At Global Investigations, our team of skilled investigators follows a thorough and meticulous process to ensure a comprehensive background check on your fiancé. 

Peace of Mind Through Discreet Investigation

Choosing to marry someone is a significant decision. A fiancé background investigation, conducted discreetly by a professional investigator, can shed light on their past and help you enter your marriage with a sense of trust and security.

Global Investigations: Your Trusted Partner for Fiancé Background Checks

At Global Investigations, we understand the importance of transparency and honesty in a relationship. We also appreciate the need for confidentiality in certain cases. Our team of experienced investigators can conduct thorough, confidential fiancé background checks, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your future. We utilise ethical and legal practices throughout the investigation process.


Contact us today for a consultation and discuss how our fiancé background check services can bring you peace of mind as you embark on your new life together.

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