Easy Oversights Some Private Detectives Make When Running a Background Check

At Global Investigations, we ensure all background checks are undertaken to the highest quality. However, not all private detectives commence the same level of work. Here are some of the common oversights inexperienced private detectives may make.

Not Using an Expert to Check

A common saying in our industry is ‘there is nothing more expensive in the long run than using a cheap investigator’. How true this is – particularly the case in background checks. Not running the checks with the right company and people can be devastating as essential information can be missed.

Being Reliant on Stale Databases and Sites

Sites such as 192.com often have out-of-date information and can even inform the subject you are doing a search. There are several databases commonly used that are not to be trusted. We ensure all our searches are undertaken using our in-house and trusted databases, ensuring your search is kept confidential.

Assuming IDs Are Real

The amount of fake and forged ID’s we see is substantial and we never assume anything is right until we check them for discrepancies such as font changes and photo-shopped images to name but a few.

Assuming an ID is genuine and not checking under individuals shortened names, nicknames, pseudo names or even reverse names (as we see often for our checks in the sub-continent where the Asian name can often be reversed) is commonplace with inexperienced detectives.

Not Having Access to Multiple, International Sources

One of the main problems when running background checks sporadically is not having access to multiple sources and multiple lookups. Doing this internationally and globally is a must and due to our resources, we often locate information on our systems that other investigators have not found.

Not Having Covert Agents Ready to Deploy

Covert surveillance and covert agents are essential in many investigations. Having operatives ready and able to check live information such as current addresses and vehicles while giving information that is correct on the night is crucial. Having the resources to do that across the country and overseas can be vital.

Not Having Dark Web and OSINT Search Capabilities

Global Investigations have agents versed in cyber investigations. We fully utilise the areas of the Dark Web and run online OSINT (open-source intelligence) to ascertain if there is an online presence of the subject and if there is anything connecting them to any posts or sites.

The same can be said of businesses where we can assess information and reviews. Unless these checks are undertaken, we would consider a background check to be incomplete!

Not Undertaking Checks According to the Case Type

We understand that each case is different, and we undertake checks in many different formats, both with and without permission. The first thing we have to clarify is whether the client has permission and is involving the subject, allowing us to do checks that are often not allowed without permission. The cost can also be less this way and the transparency is far easier to explain.

It is important to understand the limitations of doing similar checks without permission and the fact that certain systems actually inform the subjects that searches have been made and files have been checked. If this information falls into the wrong hands, which often happens when you employ an unprofessional to do the checks, this can be devastating to the client.

Why You Shouldn’t Work with an Amateur Private Investigator

An amateur investigator can lack experience and guidance, may not do the right checks or do them in a way that they won’t return any results or even alert the subject. This is not what a client wants! A client wants to know that a check they are undertaking at a time in any given year is the correct background information or person.

While we cannot guarantee all information may be accessible and recorded, we do as much as possible to compile what is there. While background checks cannot guarantee the actions of persons or companies in the future, we provide the best advice based on past actions and on the wealth of information we are able to gather.

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