Trace A Person by Telephone in the UK

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Are you curious to find an owner of a telephone number? Do you need to know whose unknown number this belongs to?

Do you need to trace a person’s address? Do you have a telephone number but no address?

If you are asking yourself one or more of the above questions, let Global Investigations help you!

We have the exceptional in-house expertise to help you trace an address from a telephone number in the UK or internationally.


Can You Trace a Landline or Mobile Number?

Global Investigations Telephone number tracing service will gather the information from any telephone number provided. The telephone number can be a landline or a mobile number.


What Information Can I Expect?

The information gleaned will be a name and address relating to the submitted number.
Rest assured that we respect and protect the confidentiality of our clients at all times which means that the telephone number user will have no knowledge that their number has been traced to its registered address or name.


How Long Does It Take to Trace a Phone Number?

The length of time it takes to trace a phone number can vary. However, we aim to get this information back to you within 1 – 3 working days.


What Fees Are There for Tracing a Phone Number?

We ask for an instigation fee upfront and a completion payment once we have the traced name and address relating to the submitted telephone number. You will find our service not only hugely successful but prompt and professional.

We have a dedicated Customer Service Team that are always happy to discuss our services.

Please understand we act legally and will not undertake anything we find illegal or suspicious or is seen as harassment.

If you would like to trace a person by phone, then please call us today on 0800 073 3555 or fill out the form below to enquire online.