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Why are Private Investigators constantly in action in London?

London, being the capital city of the UK and the most densely populated city in Europe, of course has a lot of need for private investigators. When there are 8.5 million people living in one place, there is bound to be a strong need for the service; it’s a brilliant location for people to hide from the truth, and when there are this many people in one place, there are bound to be plenty of wrongdoings and lies happening in between.

So it’s a given that private investigators in London in general are called into action more than anywhere else in the UK. But – why exactly is this? Are Londoners really in more need of investigative services? We took a look at the facts and figures to see what exactly is going on in the city that means we’re always in demand.

Fraud Investigations

With London being the business capital of the country, and also the home of millions of people from around the world, it’s no surprise that these kind of cases are rife. Recent studies have found that around 4 million people are the victim of some kind of fraud each year, whether that’s purely financial or some other kind of deception (such as identity theft or someone lying about their background). London is the most common location for this is occur, so could help explain why private detectives often find themselves investigating this kind of case in the city.

Marriage Investigations

In the UK, statistics show that around 60% of men and nearly 45% of women will have an affair or some kind of extramarital relations at some point in their lives – and recent studies have shown that the commute between London out to the suburbs is one of the fastest growing locations for affairs to begin. It makes sense; bored on a long journey to or from work, casual conversations can easily turn into something more, and before long mysterious ‘meetings’ can be occurring regularly in the evenings. Private detectives in London are often called by concerned spouses and partners from the suburbs, and are asked to find concrete proof of these ‘meetings’ – and sadly very often, their fears are confirmed instead.

Missing People and Tracing

London is officially the destination that most people in the UK run away to – so that’s why lots of London private detectives are called upon. Even if the missing person in question is not from the city, a private investigator who knows the area well is more likely to find answers. We are often asked to trace or monitor missing people in the city, and find answers for their worried family and friends. In a city as sprawling as London, doing this without the professional help of a private detective would be an incredibly difficult task.

Here at Global Investigations, our offices are based in Kingston, South London, so we are well prepared for working all over the capital. If you’re in any area of London, no matter what kind of situation you are in, we are here to assist you. When you need the help of our expert team of private investigators, please contact us.

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