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How to choose the right Private Investigator for your situation

When you choose to hire a Private Investigator, it goes without saying that you are making a very big decision. You are choosing to trust a stranger with very personal information about yourself, and allowing them to become involved in your life. Very often, a PI is required to help with a situation that is either very hurtful to you (such as relationship or marital issues), or for an issue you are trying to keep a secret, even from close friends and family. For these reasons, it is vitally important that you ensure the person you choose to involve in your life in this way is some you not only trust to find you the results you need, but someone you feel completely comfortable working with in this close manner. It can also be especially difficult to feel like you can trust anyone completely in modern society, when there are constant security threats, stories of innocent clients being conned by imposters, and the worry that the personal information you have entrusted to someone will be leaked online.

Choosing the right Private Investigator can make or break your case

If you are searching for a PI, it often means that you are at the end of your tether and can see no other way of sorting out your problem. For that reason, it’s important to never be deterred by your concerns over choosing the right one, and you must feel totally comfortable with your choice. So what can you do about it? Here are some things you should absolutely always consider when you’re choosing a PI.


You need to ensure that your Private Investigator is very well practiced; that they have helped a lot of people in a lot of different situations. While there may be certain times you would prefer an Investigator who specialises in one specific area (such as covert surveillance), it’s ideal to be working with some who can confidently take care of any situation you need them to.


If you’ve never worked with a Private Investigator, it can be quite a confusing and stressful situation. For this reason, your Investigator should be someone who is prepared to explain everything to you in detail, and keep you in the loop at all times. The perfect person will ensure that you’re comfortable at all times, make you aware of any potential risks, and always put your safety and understanding first.


While it’s of the utmost importance that your Private Investigator understands and respects the serious nature of your situation, it will help you greatly if they are also friendly and approachable. They should do everything they can to put you at ease and make you feel welcome and relaxed during this difficult period.


You would never work with a lawyer if they couldn’t prove to you their credentials and achievements, so don’t work with a Private Investigator who can’t. Find out everthing you can about how long the Investigator has been trading, if they have a registered office, or if they are members of the ABI. If you can’t find any legitimate information, they’re not the people you want to be working with.Here at Global Investigations, we have over 20 years experience in all kinds of investigation work, and the thing we’re most proud of is the care and attention we pay to all of our clients. We understand completely that it can be a stressful and difficult time for you, and we will always do everything we can to put you at ease before anything else.

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