How Can a Private Investigator in Manchester Save Your Business Money?

You may not realise this, but hiring a private investigator in Manchester can offer many financial benefits to your company. 

With expertise in areas such as deception, fraud, risk, and intelligence, private investigators are specialists in the field of corporate investigations and are an affordable solution to save your business money – particularly if you are a victim of fraud. 

We cover five services a private investigator can offer to save your business money:  

1. Employee Fraud  

2. Background Check

3. Asset Tracing 

4. Employee Absenteeism  

5. Copyright Infringement 

Employee Fraud 

Fraud is strife, with 70% being committed from within a company. Employee fraud can include:

  • Asset misappropriation
  • Account fraud
  • Data theft
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Payroll fraud
  • Vendor mismanagement.  

Using forensic accounting and surveillance techniques, private detectives have the means to unearth all kinds of employee fraud, helping to prevent further breaches.

Alternatively, if you are aware of ongoing fraud in your business and require an investigation into an employee, private investigators can help to gather evidence through covert surveillance that will hold up in court and bring them to justice.

Background Check

Background checks in Manchester and in the rest of the UK are vital in providing your business exhaustive data before hiring someone, helping you avoid employee fraud.

What’s more, hiring a private detective to conduct the time-consuming background check allows you to focus on building your business, saving you time and boosting your profit margin. 

They can help you find out whether there are any valid reasons for a future or current employment to be terminated by uncovering details on bankruptcies, businesses (live and failed), employment/ career history, and professional capabilities. 

Due diligence check

Some private investigators in Manchester, such as Global Investigations, can deliver thorough due diligence services that ensure you have accurate up-to-date intelligence before carrying out business deals or establishing a new business relationship.  

A Due diligence check can uncover: 

• Wealth confirmations and validations 

• Misrepresentations on CVs or inaccurate descriptions of professional experience 

• Personal or business relationships with undesirable individuals, businesses, or governments e.g., financing from criminal sources 

• Full trading analysis 

• Business records 

• Trading relationships 

Investigating the background and track records of companies will help you avoid harmful business decisions by flagging up any potential discrepancies. 

Asset Tracing  

A private detective can be used to recover your assets and to track down a missing business partner if they have stolen your assets and disappeared. Although this is not as common as other types of business fraud, it has devastating effects when it does occur.

Private investigators will undertake essential research to see whether the assets are worth pursuing or not, ensuring you do not lose a substantial amount of money pursuing a pointless case. 

Usually though, business owners will require information from the detective firm to help them in resolving a financial settlement. In this event, all evidence is collected and reports are produced to a high standard that can be legally submitted as evidence in court. 

Employee Absenteeism 

Private detectives can conduct covert investigations on employee absenteeism and the validity of sick leave claims. Repeated, long-term absences can affect business productivity and profits, warranting background checks or a combination of unobtrusive surveillance and other discreet skills. 

A private detective will make sure that all evidence is presentable in a way that can be used in court, with all work adhering to Data Protection Regulations and Employment Law Part 3. 

Copyright Infringement  

Copyright infringement (the use of works protected by copyright law without the owner’s permission) has become much easier to commit due to the continual growth of the internet and public sharing of intellectual property. 

A private investigator can resolve any copyright issues your business faces. Services that a private detective can offer to identify copyright infringement include:

  • Performing undercover operations
  • Providing technical and physical surveillance
  • Conducting raids
  • Liaising with customs and authorities
  • Performing market analysing
  • Open-source intelligence
  • Identifying suspects involved in the manufacturing of goods
  • Dark web enquiries. 

How Global Investigations Can Help  

The private detectives at our detective agency expertly conduct a range of services throughout Manchester, as well as the rest of the UK and internationally. With unique expertise in business investigations and company protection services, you can count on us to solve your problem and help your business in Manchester.

For more information, please contact a member of our friendly team to discuss how we can help on 0208 287 7770. 

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