How can a detective agency help during a family law court case?

Most prominently, a detective agency can help in a family law court case, and to narrow it down even further, it’s most likely to be a divorce case.That’s because these types of family law cases are usually highly emotional and there is a lot at stake. When feelings, emotions and relationships become involved, rational behaviour can go out of the window and people need every shred of evidence and information they can get their hands on – whether that’s to defend themselves against false claims, or to prove their opposition is lying and not to be trusted.These types of situations can be hugely upsetting and if you find yourself involved in any kind of court case, you will have enough to worry about. So it’s great to know that a detective agency can be a hugely helpful presence in your life. Here are the ways a private investigator can provide you with the evidence and reassurance you need to feel confident during your court case.

Divorce cases

Divorce cases can become particularly nasty, and as they’re largely reliant on ‘he said, she said’, it can be incredibly difficult to get to the concrete truth. Add to that the fact that these are the types of court case where its very likely your ex-spouse will be trying to drag your name through the mud and discredit you wherever possible, and you could end up with a very messy situation. In this kind of court case, a detective agency can help you to build a case against your ex, or to disprove any claims they are making against you. If you suspect they are lying about money, believe they have had an affair, or need hard evidence of any wrongdoing, a detective agency can find it for you. Through surveillance, background checks, credit checks and tracing, we will be able to find the truth, and present it to you in the acceptable, professional manner that can be presented in court. This way, you will have an attack or counterattack ready for anything that comes your way.

Family Law

Family law cases are often incredibly emotional and volatile, usually because children are involved. However, we think the fact that children are in the frame only heightens the need to have a fair, truthful court case – their happiness and well being must be the outcome. A detective agency can trace necessary third parties that have gone missing, place a new, suspicious partner under surveillance and comb through financial documents to prove that one parent should not be the sole carer of the children. It can be heart breaking stuff, but ultimately, the truth needs to be put forward; and that’s something the findings from a detective agency can do.So now you know how a detective agency can assist you during your court case, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Global Investigations if you’ve realised you need our help.

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