When Should You Hire a Matrimonial Private Investigator?

Across the UK, Private investigators engage in all kinds of work, from business intelligence to tracing missing persons to fraud investigations and debt recovery. But matrimonial investigations are the investigations that require the most discretion and sensitivity on the part of the investigator.

Are you suspicious of your partner?

We would all love to trust our husband, wife, partner or civil partner implicitly, but it isn’t always possible. If your partner has a track record for being unfaithful, that will inevitably give you cause for doubt. Even if your partner has no ‘previous’ that you know about, his or her actions and whereabouts may be raising questions and eyebrows and fuelling your suspicions.

What should you do?

Some people will want to confront their partner and ask them outright. The problem with this approach is – what if you’re wrong? It might be that your partner’s actions are completely innocent, or perhaps the secret s/he is keeping is understandable, i.e. a planned surprise birthday party or anniversary celebration. Alternatively, it may be that you’ve misconstrued his or her actions completely.

This means by confronting your partner, you’ve damaged the relationship by making it obvious that you have some trust issues, issues that your partner may think are illegitimate. Another possible result is that your partner might brush off your accusations, but you remain suspicious and unsure as to what to do next. What should you do instead of making potentially unfounded accusations at an early stage?

Well, you could consider trying to find some answers yourself. Speak to your friends and ask for their opinion. Try and sneak a look at your partner’s phone or internet history. Follow your partner to see where he or she goes. But you have to be careful and discreet. If you are caught checking up on your partner, this could damage your relationship irrevocably.

Get someone else to help

The reason people hire private investigators to do matrimonial investigations is because private investigators are trained to be discreet and have years of experience tracking, observing and investigating people. Given their skill set, it is extremely unlikely that your partner would ever find out s/he was being trailed by a private investigator. Even if s/he did, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it will lead back to you. Therefore you avoid the destructive consequences of following your partner yourself and being discovered.

The importance of evidence

Private investigators recognise the importance of gathering conclusive evidence in all the cases they deal with, including matrimonial investigations. After all, you may need this evidence in any divorce proceedings. Private investigators will be specialists in covert surveillance, using the latest state-of- the-art equipment and technology to gather quality video or photographic evidence of your partner’s whereabouts and potential misdeeds. They can track people by placing tracking devices on vehicles or using GPS to track a person’s mobile phone. They are trained to do background checks, if for some reason you have suspicions about your partner’s past. They can also speak to witnesses where necessary.

A Different Approach

Private investigators appreciate that matrimonial investigations can be very sensitive and upsetting for the people initiating them. That is why private investigators always act with the utmost discretion, honesty, sensitivity and sympathy during the course of a matrimonial investigation. You will find that if you approach a private investigator well versed in matrimonial investigations, he or she will respond to your plight with a reassuring, sympathetic ear.

For this reason there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about hiring a private investigator. In most cases it’s more sensible than accusing your partner without evidence, and if your partner is proved to be innocent, your relationship will be stronger moving forward. In short, if the time has come for you to hire a private investigator to look into your partner’s behaviour, don’t hesitate. Just go for it. What harm can it do?

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