The festive period is the time of year where affairs are most likely to be revealed – so what do you need to look out for?

Did you know that the festive period is actually the time of year when most affairs are revealed? That is definitely not going to make it a happy Christmas…

This fact is probably to do with the amount of important and sentimental events that happen around this time of year, and those out there who actually are having an affair will find themselves being pulled in many different directions.

They will be required to spend time with their family, and then with their partner as well, to celebrate the Christmas season; not to mention secretly buying gifts and treats for both sides. This can lead to a pressure cooker environment, when people are highly likely to either snap and confess to what they are doing, or cause them to not be as careful as they previously have been and get themselves caught out. If you are at all suspicious that your spouse is having an affair, it is very probable that you will see some major signs over the festive period.

However, suspicions are usually not enough, if you want to confront your spouse. What you need to absolute, definite proof that your spouse is behaving in an adulterous way; that is where our team of private investigators here at Global Investigations comes in. So, what do you need to keep an eye out for over the Christmas period?

Signs you yourself can look out for

If you’re already suspicious of your partner having an affair, there are some extra signs you should be aware of over the festive period. Keep an eye out for:

  • Receipts for gifts or treats that you know nothing about
  • Phone calls and text messages that your spouse responds to in private and is very evasive about
  • A weekend trip away, or coming home from work very late
  • Lots (too many to be believable) instances of work Christmas drinks or parties

How can our team here at Global Investigations confirm the truth for you?

In these kind of adultery investigations, our most common system is tracking. We will covertly track your spouse as they go about their daily lives, using our combination of state of the art technologies and discrete physical tracking to ascertain where your spouse is, when they are there, and who they are with. In no time at all, you will have the evidence you need to find out for certain whether or not they are having an affair. It’s a horrible time of year to receive such bad news, but we firmly believe that you should always know the truth about what is going on in your family, whether that’s at Christmas time or any other month of the year. If you’d like our help to determine if your spouse is having an affair, please contact us.

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