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Do Private Eyes Still Exist?

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Do Private Eyes Still Exist?

Have you ever wondered what a private eye does or if they even exist in today’s hi-tech world. It’s easy to get caught up in a romanticised vision of the heroic private eye, beating the bad guys at their own dirty tricks and coming good in the end. The reality is that there is a huge worldwide counter surveillance industry that needs the expert skills of a Global Investigations private eye to gather crucial evidence for their client.

Committing to criminal cases and gathering evidence? You might think that’s the work of a police officer. The important difference is that the private eye doesn’t have the power to arrest or prosecute. They merely find evidence and usually will work privately for individuals or businesses. The private eye must therefore remain covert and their operations kept discreet.

In operation for over 150 years, since the first agency opened in France, the legions of hardy private eyes has down the years, been a vital cog in exposing the devious secrets of many a criminal. The majority of private eyes are self-employed and prefer the freedom and anonymity this provides. The remaining private eyes work for us and other security services, plying their trade for companies who will offer them regular work.


The Reality behind the Work of a Private Eye

To do the job well and find the evidence they need, the private eye must be thorough with their work. Many have backgrounds in specific areas of investigations, such as property theft, financial irregularities or matrimonial disputes. If you thought the private eye’s life is laid back and care free, then think again. They will have to carry out background research, surveillance procedures and exhaustive tracing to achieve the right results.

The types of enquiry that calls our private eye into action are varied to say the least. From searching missing relatives to recovering stolen property and beyond into fraud work and dishonest employees, the life of a private eye is one of patience and resilience. The portrayal of private eyes in the media is often one of a messy, chaotic genius, driven by any means to seek justice. Real life private eyes, including those that work for us, have to be meticulously organised if they’re going to get anywhere. The number one goal of a private eye is to accumulate hard facts and create a caseload of material for their clients. For an interesting read about the life of an Private Eye this book will give you a great understanding.

By planning a case and delving into the back story, we can ascertain what needs to be done, what equipment to use and where to direct their enquiries. The biggest weapon in any private eyes arsenal is surveillance and this can incorporate an impressive range of hi-tech tools. Cameras, bugs, tracking devices, image intensifiers – the list goes on. Global Investigation is an international leader in the field of private eyes and you would struggle to find a more dependable service anywhere.