Enhanced due diligence is of enormous importance in today’s business world, particularly with the rapid development of technology creating new ways of committing fraud and laundering money every day. It is important not to let your business practices become complacent, because otherwise you open the door to fraudsters. Enhanced due diligence is the best means of stopping them. But what is enhanced due diligence? Due diligence is the process by... Read More

Private investigators engage in all kinds of work, from business intelligence to tracing missing persons to fraud investigations and debt recovery. But matrimonial investigations are the investigations that require the most discretion and sensitivity on the part of the investigator. Are you suspicious of your partner? We would all love to trust our husband, wife, partner or civil partner implicitly, but it isn’t always possible. If your partner has a... Read More

Private investigators need to have a range of different qualities and skills to be able to do what they do. So, what does it take to become one?   Confidence and discretion Private investigators have to be discreet. When conducting covert surveillance, it’s vital that a private detective stays out of sight, otherwise the whole operation will be blown. They must learn not to draw attention to themselves, since they need... Read More

  The Brand New Global Blog Is Ready For Launch! The waiting has finally ended– we at Global Investigations are immensely proud to announce the opening of our new website and hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it. We’re confident that with the site now up and running, we can begin to pass on our mountains of experience within the private investigation field. Our fresh website... Read More

25 Apr 2013 - Surveillance

Surveillance Determined and tenacious investigations with results every time! Ultimate discretion in all enquires Fully equipped and quick thinking & acting agents Experienced in all surveillance formats Global expertise and bilingual Staff Unfortunately many people can fall foul of other people’s devious antics; antics which need surveillance can include: A cheating partner > we will confirm or deny and reveal to our clients. Insurance fraud > experienced operatives use to... Read More

Our private eyes are now able to help our clients with their use of internet dating sites. We are very capable of discreetly checking out potential suitors, with near perfect accuracy and would be happy to talk to you in complete confidence to either put your mind at ease or uncover mistruths with our investigations. Please see our section in Services, internet profiling and internet romances. However, if you are in the... Read More

04 Apr 2013 - Cheque Fraud

Cheque Fraud NEW rules to help beat bank fraud have been recently introduced. People who still write cheques made payable only to a bank or building society may have their cheque declined. To safeguard against cheque fraud, banks and building societies now recommend that extra details like the name or account details of the beneficiary of the cheque should be added. The new arrangements are intended to make it absolutely... Read More

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