The simple answer, in most cases, is yes. Think about it. If your competitors have bugged your office and are listening in on secret meetings and discussions about profits, clients, marketing strategies and more, then your business, confidentiality and reputation are all potentially at stake. This makes the use of bug sweeping services relatively inexpensive. The threats can be very real, and what often happens is that an employee will... Read More

When a company or individual is refusing to pay their debts, the instinctive reaction is to take them to court and force them to pay. The problem is, not enough people stop to think about why they’re not paying their debts. If it’s because that individual or company is in financial difficulties, then you need to tread carefully. Why? Because it’s all very well going to court, winning your case and getting... Read More

Due diligence is a term we’re all familiar with. However, not everyone knows the meaning of due diligence, when it applies and how it should be carried out, and what the implications are if due diligence is ignored. This article looks at five frequently asked questions about due diligence, in an effort to help you navigate this potentially tricky minefield. 1. What is the meaning of due diligence? In the... Read More

Not everyone is willing to pay when payment is due for a product or service they have received. Sometimes this is because they don’t have the cash, but more often than not, it’s because they just don’t want to part with it. There are no acceptable excuses. If you agree to pay for something, you pay for it. Not doing so is basically akin to theft. The way some products... Read More

Process serving is when legal documents, giving notice of a specific court action, are delivered to a respondent or defendant in cases where personal service is required. It has two purposes in most cases: to allow the respondent/defendant a reasonable amount of time to respond to the notice before proceedings take place, and to make sure any court orders are formally brought to their attention, such as enforcement and eviction... Read More

Highly publicised child murder and abuse cases led to the establishment of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), launched in 2002. Incidentally, this was the year that Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were tragically murdered by school caretaker Ian Huntley. It came to light during the trial that Huntley’s previous history included a number of arrests and allegations of rape and sexual offences against children. But the CRB was not in... Read More

Tracking a person by following their vehicle is something we imagine only happening on TV. The truth is, vehicle tracking is a useful and sometimes vital way of getting to the bottom of someone’s deceit. In an age of constantly escalating technology, the ability to track someone has become easier and easier. That may not be so good for a person’s privacy in the modern world, but it’s certainly good... Read More

There are many reasons for tracing people. Perhaps you have a long lost relative you want to track down, or an old friend, or perhaps you were adopted and you want to search for your biological parents. Perhaps you are looking for a debtor who owes you money but has gone AWOL. Every case is different. Tracking down your childhood sweetheart Perhaps you had a girlfriend or a boyfriend as... Read More

Enhanced due diligence is of enormous importance in today’s business world, particularly with the rapid development of technology creating new ways of committing fraud and laundering money every day. It is important not to let your business practices become complacent, because otherwise you open the door to fraudsters. Enhanced due diligence is the best means of stopping them. But what is enhanced due diligence? Due diligence is the process by... Read More

Private investigators engage in all kinds of work, from business intelligence to tracing missing persons to fraud investigations and debt recovery. But matrimonial investigations are the investigations that require the most discretion and sensitivity on the part of the investigator. Are you suspicious of your partner? We would all love to trust our husband, wife, partner or civil partner implicitly, but it isn’t always possible. If your partner has a... Read More

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