Did you know that the festive period is actually the time of year when most affairs are revealed? That is definitely not going to make it a happy Christmas… This fact is probably to do with the amount of important and sentimental events that happen around this time of year, and those out there who actually are having an affair will find themselves being pulled in many different directions. They... Read More

Christmas is a very nostalgic time of year, and it’s also incredibly family oriented. More than any other month, there are lots of family get togethers, visits to family around the country, and lots of time spent together. Add to this the sentimental nature of peace, love and goodwill that surrounds the festive period, and it can be an emotional time for all families. While for lots of us, the... Read More

If you are concerned about hiring a Private Investigator, one of the main reasons may be that you are worried about the quality of the results you will get. You may be doubtful about how much of an effect evidence from a Private Investigator can really have. Firstly, we want to reassure you that this will never be the case here at Global Investigations. We do not rest until we... Read More

When you choose to hire a Private Investigator, it goes without saying that you are making a very big decision. You are choosing to trust a stranger with very personal information about yourself, and allowing them to become involved in your life. Very often, a PI is required to help with a situation that is either very hurtful to you (such as relationship or marital issues), or for an issue... Read More

Making the decision to track your spouse – whether it’s your husband or wife – can be a really difficult one, and at Global Investigations, we completely understand that. It can cause a lot of stress to a relationship and gives the impression that you don’t trust your spouse. However – that could be exactly the problem. Every married couple inevitably goes through ups and downs. But if you are... Read More

The majority of the time, when an employee takes sick leave from work, they are genuinely ill and in no state to come into work. However, if you are in charge of a HR or Personnel department, you will be well aware of how frustrating and damaging it can be to have an employee who is consistently absent. It can be especially disheartening if you have any reason to believe... Read More

Sometimes, in the line of work of a Private Investigator, we have to make some difficult discoveries. Usually – and unfortunately – this relates to our clients and their lives. These discoveries are never easy to make, and we much prefer being able to give our clients peace of mind – telling them that there was nothing to worry about and that their suspicions were unfounded. However, there are rare... Read More

Over the last month, it has been hard to ignore the ramifications coming from the data leak of extramarital dating website, Ashley Madison. The information released from the site revealed that 36 million people worldwide have been conducting affairs through the service. If you are in a situation where you suspect your partner is cheating on you, this has not been welcome news. With the release of the Ashley Madison... Read More

Tracking is common practice for private investigators, and tracking a vehicle is no exception. Having concrete knowledge of where a particular car has been, and when it’s been there can be hugely valuable information in a variety of situations. Often, people aren’t sure about taking the first steps when it comes to vehicle tracking, or perhaps they are unsure of what the process involves. Are you considering hiring Global Investigations... Read More

Getting divorced is a difficult, upsetting and highly stressful situation. As the court proceedings get underway, relations between the two parties can break down and it can be difficult to get your affairs in order. On top of this, it might seem like your ex-spouse is hiding things from you and the court, and you could be finding it difficult to gather evidence to support the claims you’re making. Maybe... Read More

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