Online Fraud Investigations

In our technology-driven age, fraudsters and cybercriminals are increasingly clever, technology-minded people using sophisticated techniques to make money illegally. The internet, in particular, has provided fraudsters with a sea of opportunities to defraud people.

Unfortunately, a lot of the safety and preventative measures available do not always work against the most adept fraudsters.

What is Online Fraud?

Fraud is making a dishonest and false representation to make a gain, or cause a loss to another party. Online fraud occurs where the fraudster makes the false representation in some form on the internet. Some examples are as follows:

  • Government agency scams – when fraudsters send out official-looking emails and letters, giving the impression that they are from a government department and have authority, and ask for money or personal information.
  • Work from home scams – lots of websites and web adverts ask if you are interested in making easy money from home. But many of the products and services you’re asked to try and sell are worthless.
  • Online shopping fraud – this happens when sellers misrepresent items online, or fail to deliver items after buyers have paid.
  • Internet dialler scams – this is when a person’s computer settings are changed and their internet connection is re-routed via an expensive phone line, and can happen when a person opens a spam email or clicks a pop-up box.
  • Online dating fraud – there are lots of organisations and individuals out there who create fake profiles on dating sites with the intention of persuading you to hand over your personal information and often your bank details.

These are just some of the examples of computer fraud and internet fraud. Others include bank card and cheque fraud – whereby your bank information is stolen over the internet – health, lottery, loan and domain name scams, identity fraud, internet auction fraud and business directory fraud.

Private investigators can help you to find the fraudster behind the keyboard using techniques that rival the fraudsters’ own in sophistication. The dedicated team at Global Investigations have years of experience tracing online fraudsters in the course of bringing them to justice. They use the latest technology, research skills, background investigations and high-tech psychological profiling to tackle cybercrime and online fraud to bring victims peace of mind.

How to find the right private investigator for your case

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