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Our detective agency is a modern organisation that is highly skilled in the tracing of specific subjects & people as well as many other services. You’ll find that agencies like Global Investigations are both professional and meticulous in what we do, having had over 20 years experience in the industry of being covert. Whether you require overseas tracing, vehicle tracking, fraud investigation or bug sweeping, our detective agency will deliver your goal.

The job of the detective agency is to work for you and alongside you, to deliver conclusive results. Your own unique case will be worked on by specialists and at all times, you will be informed of the progress being made.

An ultra-modern detective agency like Global Investigations covers numerous areas of covert research. This includes surveillance operations, as well as the tracking of companies, employees or individuals.  Our private investigators use state-of-the-art technology on a daily basis to achieve this and bring you the answers you need in rapid time.

They work as part of the detective agency and will inform you of developments throughout the process. Be it tracing overseas or tracking vehicles in this country, the domain of the private investigator is incredibly far reaching.

The professional private investigators at Global are trained and experienced professionals, capable of carrying out competitor intelligence and other areas such as surveillance and asset tracing. Instinct and guile underpin a keen desire to uncover the truth. You can be rest assured of the detective’s commitment to you throughout the case.


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At Global Investigations, you will quickly discover that you are in safe hands. Not knowing the truth can hurt and so having the best private investigator on your side will be the comfort you need.

You will have a specific expert assigned to your case, who will then work to resolve it in a calm and determined fashion. Don’t hesitate – call Global Investigations Detective Agency today to organise successful action and bring an end to your doubts.