Vehicle History & Car History Check

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It’s a sad fact that, whether you’re purchasing a single vehicle, or building up a commercial fleet, you can’t always rely on what you’re being told. Here at Global Investigations, we go one step further than online vehicle checks – we provide a meticulously researched report on your vehicle history. Our car checks cover everything from MOT history to HPI checks, ensuring that you have access to all vehicle data and helping you to make an informed decision. 

Used Car Checks & History Reports

At Global Investigations, our team of private detectives and background check providers are able to provide detailed car checks for second-hand vehicles of all kinds. Approximately 1/3 of all second-hand vehicles sold in the UK have a hidden history – whether it’s an undisclosed accident, an MOT failure or some relation to criminal activity. Similarly, according to the RAC, 1 in 14 of all cars on the road show an inaccurate mileage. What’s more, around 1 in 250 cars sold today have been assigned as scrapped within the last year or two.

As such, even if you’re buying a used car from a reputable dealer, it’s well worth investigating the vehicle’s history yourself. Full car checks are a great way of making sure that you’re seeing the whole picture when you buy a car. From simple information like car valuations to comprehensive vehicle registration information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Global’s experienced team of vehicle investigators today.

Vehicle History Checks for Businesses: 

If you run a business that relies on second-hand vehicles, including vans, cars and motorcycles, then it’s extremely important you take the time to understand their history. A free car check online won’t always give you the whole picture, so before you commit to purchasing any second-hand commercial vehicle, it’s best to get in touch with the experts. 

At Global Investigations, we can provide total car, van and motorcycle checks  to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. These reports will include a complete MOT history of the vehicle, alongside anything else that is relevant to the vehicle’s history. Our experienced team take our skills as private investigators to deliver comprehensive, unbeatable history checks for any used vehicle.

Why Choose Global Investigations for Detailed Vehicle History Reports?

Our team of private detectives have extensive experience when it comes to researching individuals, vehicles and property histories. We’re able to offer a comprehensive service, ensuring that you’re left with all the information you need to make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing any vehicle. Whether you’re looking for widespread commercial vehicle checking, or you simply want to make sure your new family car hasn’t got a hidden history, we are here to help.

Private Investigator Vehicle Checks: Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs a Vehicle History Check?

Anyone buying or selling a used car should get a professional vehicle history check. These checks help dealers, private sellers, auctioneers, and buyers make informed decisions and avoid being scammed. Fleet owners, rental companies, and leasing firms can also benefit from ongoing checks at scale to ensure their fleet is safe and reliable on the road.

Are Private Investigator Vehicle Checks Legal?

Yes, our investigators utilise legal methods and databases to uncover vehicle history insights, like mileage history, accidents, outstanding finance, stolen status, and more. We operate ethically and transparently with consent from clients. All data we access is legally available through proper channels.

How Much Do Vehicle Checks Cost? 

The cost of your vehicle history check depends on a range of different factors, including how much time it takes. At Global Investigations, we treat every case with the respect it deserves, meaning all our pricings are bespoke. If you’re looking for domestic or commercial vehicle history reports and analysis, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

How Long Do Global Investigations’ Car Checks Take?

That depends on the age of the car, and how easy it is to obtain its complete history. In most cases, we can carry out a detailed vehicle history check within a week, but more complex cases and larger fleet vehicle checks will take longer.

Can Global Investigations Look Into Any Type of Vehicle?

Yes, we conduct detailed history checks on all types of cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, RVs, boats, construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, buses, and more across the UK and worldwide. Our investigators have specialised experience with diverse assets. However, it is worth noting that for some vehicle types, such as agricultural vehicles, there is often less recorded information for us to analyse. If you’re not sure, the best thing to do is to get in touch with our friendly, experienced team directly. 

Does Global Investigations Offer Fleet Checks & Research? 

Absolutely. We have tailored solutions to monitor entire fleets or inventories of vehicles, from cars to heavy equipment. Our bulk history checks and automated monitoring provide ongoing oversight at scale to mitigate risks.