Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is an extremely covert method of checking whether someone is lying about their whereabouts and are often a very useful indicator of whether a situation requires further investigation or not.

Vehicle tracking has become increasingly popular over recent years as more and more people become aware of the benefits. Many trackers are installed into company vehicles so that employers are able to keep track of whether their employees are, in fact, where they say they are.

On a more personal basis, wives, husbands and partners are installing trackers in vehicles to check up on whether they are being cheated on and/or lied to. Trackers are even becoming common amongst parents who wish to keep track of their wayward children.

How can we you with Vehicle Tracking?

At Global we can supply and fit a wide range of trackers so you can always know where your vehicles, and whoever’s driving, are. We provide this service throughout the UK and our tracking devices are very popular because they are a cheaper alternative to surveillance because they allow you to know the location of your vehicle, and the person you are tracking, at all times without having to pay an investigator.

It is very easy to install and use our tracking devices and you will be able to discreetly track your vehicle using our very simple tracking system. Our inconspicuous devices are also superb when it comes to problem follows and aware or suspicious subjects. This is because our tracking devices are far less likely to alert the target that someone is tracking them, unlike if they were being followed by an investigator. Another advantage is that in the case of vehicle theft, you’ll be able to locate and retrieve the stolen vehicle in no time at all.

Business Tracking

Want to keep track of your field sales teams? Our tracking systems allow you to keep an eye on your company cars from afar. With our devices, you will always be able to tell where your employees are when they’re meant to be on a job. Fleet tracking is the most common method of vehicle tracking and uses GPS to monitor your vehicles and the employees responsible for them.

Tracking Fittings

As private investigators our GPS spy devices are very flexible and can be easily and speedily installed on the inside or outside of your vehicles, depending on what your preference is. They are easily hidden, so if you do not wish for the driver to know a tracking device has been installed, we will make sure they can’t see it.

Most of our devices have a battery which enables them to last for up to three months, which is a lot longer than many of the tracking systems offered by other organisations. This means you can easily replace or recharge the tracking devices’ batteries every three months or so without causing as much suspicion as you would by having to change them every couple of weeks.

As soon as a device has been installed in your vehicle, it is ready to report; however, it will be in sleep mode whilst the vehicle is motionless and will not kick into gear until the vehicle starts to move. This ensures valuable battery life is not wasted. Once the vehicle starts moving, the device will automatically start tracking the vehicle’s location, speed and direction.

Our tracking devices send us all the information they are recording immediately and can even report the vehicle’s location every 10 seconds if required. Once a vehicle has stopped moving, the installed device will send us a final report before returning to sleep mode. All of the vehicle’s locations will be logged onto our car surveillance system, which means you can access the vehicle’s historical data at any point you wish. This means you can even go back in time to retrieve the vehicle’s locations from a few weeks earlier.

Our tracking devices can be hired for long or short periods of time. Note: We require a small deposit and a signed Agreement from the hirer to secure the hire of any of our vehicle trackers.

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