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UK Tracing Firm of the Year - Global InvestigationsSo many companies make the mistake of taking an individual or company to court before doing their proper research. It is wrong to assume the court’s decision will always fall in your favour, even if you believe your case is too strong to lose. It is much better to ensure you know the status of the subject you wish to take to court, before starting court proceedings. That’s why asset tracing for fraud is so important.

Knowing what assets the subject in question has will enable you to see if they are worth suing or not. This essential research will ensure you do not lose a lot of money pursuing a pointless case.

How Asset Tracing Can Help You?

We offer an extremely effective service to search and locate hidden assets. This private investigation service is offered throughout the UK and overseas. We always work within the parameters you have set us and only ever use legitimate avenues to collect our information. This means everything we find can be legally submitted in court and will serve as evidence to substantiate any claim you make.

For example, if you are involved in divorce proceedings, you may believe your partner is not revealing all of their assets. You have a right to know the truth and we can help you uncover their fraud with our Tracking My Partner service. As a detective agency, we will search and attempt to uncover any assets, such as property investments and any company directorships and shares.

All of our searches can be carried out in the UK and internationally. We are also fortunate enough to have developed many strong relationships with agents overseas. These relationships are of huge benefit to us and more often than not enable us to uncover assets that have been extremely well-hidden in overseas properties and businesses.

Assets to Be Presented to the Courts

More often than not, clients will require our information to assist them in resolving a financial settlement. We take great care to ensure all evidence collected and reports produced are of a high standard and can be legally submitted to the courts as evidence. All the evidence we collate is done so in a timely fashion and, of course, will always be genuine and legally obtained.

Asset searches include but are not limited to:

  • Property and ownership in the UK and most overseas countries (where name searches are possible)
  • Shares; in the UK and overseas
  • Stock; machinery and equipment (normally in relation to a business)
  • All boats and marine purchases
  • Vehicles; any related finance and ownership of them
  • Businesses; All those undeclared in the UK and overseas
  • Undeclared banking and accounts
  • Horse ownership.

Cost for Asset Tracing

These will always be agreed from the outset. We always endeavour to understand your exact situation and will work according to the parameters and budget you set. We are also happy for you to offer us guidance and advice as you see fit and will always work in the strictest confidence so you can be assured we are a detective agency you can trust.

Our success rate in asset tracing for fraud is very high and we take great pride in being able to uncover the real wealth of our clients’ targets. Please note that each case is unique, and we ask our clients to appreciate that we simply won’t be able to find what isn’t there. However, trust that if an asset from fraud or otherwise is being hidden, we will find it.

Asset Tracing Global Investigations

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