Process Serving UK

What is process serving in the UK?

Process serving is when legal documents that give notice of specific court actions are delivered to defendants or respondents. Process serving formally brings court orders, such as debt claims, judgments, enforcement and eviction notices, to the attention of the respondent. It also allows the respondent a certain amount of time from the date of service in order to respond to the notice.

Process servers will serve any legal document that requires personal service and proof of service to be binding. These include statutory demands for unpaid debts, witness summons, possession notices and orders, divorce and bankruptcy petitions, non-molestation orders and orders issued under the Children’s Act.

Why should I instruct a process server in the UK?

People generally respond better to process servers serving documents on them than claimants. Process servers are distanced from the case, and very experienced in dealing with difficult or reluctant people. What’s ideal about process servers who are also private investigators – like Global Investigations – is that sometimes debtors will go AWOL. They will move job or move house in the course of avoiding their debts. When this happens, a little private investigation is required to track them down. As it happens, Global Investigations are expert people tracers as well.

How do I instruct Global Investigations to do process serving in the UK?

In addition to investigating criminal activity, fraud and cheating partners, Global Investigations spends a great deal of its time assisting with debt recovery cases and doing process serving in a variety of matters. We can offer process serving in the UK and overseas and if necessary, we can trace missing debtors using highly technical skills, trained multilingual operatives and state-of-the-art software.

Please contact us if you need assistance in this area. We are able to arrange collection of your documents to be served, and we make three attempts to serve in each case. Service is carried out only by Global Investigations’ contracted, pre-screened and full qualified process servers. Once the service is complete, we will send you a fully completed affidavit or statement/certificate of service, which you will be able to submit to the court to prove that service was executed.

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