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Searching for someone? Hire a private investigator in Kingston Surrey to track them down.

If you live in the Kingston or Surrey area and you need to locate someone, consider hiring a private investigator in Kingston, Surrey. When a person goes missing, our usual reaction is to contact the police. But the police are spread thin. They have to cope with major public sector cuts, while dealing with any number of matters, from investigating crime to dealing with offenders to responding to complaints and emergencies.

Furthermore, the police are not missing person specialists. It is not always practical or effective to involve them. Sometimes a person goes missing, the police attempt to trace them with the resources and expertise they have, and then other more immediate priorities end up taking over.

A dedicated private investigator and tracing specialist in Kingston in Surrey.

Rather than relying on the police force, you need a private detective in Kingston with a national and international reputation for not only looking for missing people, but for finding them. It may be that you need to find a family member who has gone missing, a long-lost relative, a customer who owes you money or an employee who has gone AWOL. In all of these cases, a private investigator in Kingston, Surrey, with contacts and expertise in all corners of the world, is the person you should talk to.

Why choose Global Investigations?

Global Investigations is the private detectives’ agency you need. We have 80 years of combined experience and can locate people globally in as little as 6 hours. In 2013, Global Investigations won the Acquisition International M&A Award for the UK Tracing Firm of the Year.

So if you need a private investigator to trace someone, look no further than Global Investigations. We have a dedicated team of bilingual, highly skilled tracing experts working all over the world, dealing with varied cases and sometimes only limited information. They know what it takes to find someone.

Private Investigator in Kingston - Global Investigations

It could be a missing person case, one that the police could not solve. It might be that you are adopted and you want to find your biological parents. It could be that your employee has gone AWOL and you have exhausted all conventional efforts to track them down. Or perhaps you need to trace a debtor. In all these circumstances, Global Investigations has the resources, contacts, determination and enthusiasm for the job to deliver speedy results.

What else might you need a private detective in Surrey for?

Being private investigators, we can help with a range of other investigatory matters. Perhaps you want to ascertain the truth of certain suspicions you have. Perhaps you suspect your partner of cheating, or your employee of committing theft or fraud. We have the skills, experience and technology to get to the bottom of any number of mysteries. We can do background checks, undercover surveillance and forensic evaluation. We can track people and vehicles using state of the art tracking devices. We can also provide a range of business and legal services, from gathering competitor intelligence to serving legal documents and helping with other aspects of debt recovery.

So if you need a private investigator in Surrey, Kingston or Hounslow area to track someone down, or investigate something for you, give us a call or fill in the form below. Our private investigators in London are here to help.

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