When it comes to working with a private investigator, sometimes it can be a very stressful and difficult situation that has brought you to that decision. You may feel incredibly nervous about working with a detective agency, you might feel a bit embarrassed about the chain of events that has led to you needing assistance. You might be looking for any kind of reassurance that you are doing the right... Read More

We are often told that for a number of situations in life, using your local service will always be your best bet. Here at Global Investigations, we work on a mixture of cases, from local clients in our area of South London, to international queries. It seems that for some people, locality is incredibly important, while others are completely happy to hire the skills of an agency from somewhere a... Read More

Here at Global Investigations, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you with almost any situation you come up against. From tracing a long lost relative, to bug sweeping your business, to conducting due diligence; whatever you need, we are more than capable of handling. Our skill set is incredibly far reaching, and our team has the equipment and the ability to covertly investigate almost anything you need us... Read More

When it comes to the equipment detective agencies utilise for their work, people often have very extreme ideas about what is used! Blame the depiction of private investigators in pop culture and the media; that’s probably the reason people usually imagine private investigators to have a car boot full of the latest technology, custom made for them to keep track on a target’s every possible move. It seems that in... Read More

Here at Global Investigations our skill set is very varied indeed. In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to carry out nearly any investigative process you need to solve your issue and gain some peace of mind. Obviously, there are a lot of services that are more popular than others – we are very often called upon to investigate extramarital affairs or cheating partners by tracking them, for example,... Read More

These famous cases certainly teach us all the importance of due diligence when it comes to business…. Due diligence is a phrase we often hear a lot about when it comes to business deals and cases. It’s easy to see why – when you’re getting involved in a business situation that can affect a large amount of people, there are lots of jobs at stake, and huge amounts of money... Read More

As you may have guessed from our name, we have a presence that reaches across the world here at Global Investigations! We can work in any country, and our cases do indeed often take us to far flung locations and new destinations. We are actually based in South London in the UK, and so our base here technically makes us a UK detective agency. Across the world, detective agencies are... Read More

Christmas parties are famous for being the one event every year when everyone lets loose a little bit; and in some cases, it can be a little bit too much! We’ve all seen the Christmas party episodes of film and TV shows, where the characters involved have too much to drink, and when this is combined with the festive spirit, it means people often end up behaving in ways they... Read More

People always seem to be interested in what goes on in a private investigation service like Global Investigations. Thanks to popular culture, people often imagine all kinds of intriguing and dramatic discoveries, from affairs to major fraud. So it’s no surprise when the media come calling and want to find out more about what we do and how we work! That’s been exactly the case over the last few weeks,... Read More

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