Winner of the 2017 Leading Fraud Investigators’ Awards

09 Oct 2017

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Global Investigations is pleased to announce that we have received the Leading Fraud Investigators’ Award for 2017 from Wealth & Finance International. The award is in recognition of the hard work that has gone into the firm over the past 23 years.

Wealth & Finance International is a monthly publication that provides fund managers and institutional and private investors around the world with the latest industry news across both traditional and alternative investment sectors. Their awards provide a platform for companies and individuals to receive acknowledgement for the innovation and brilliance they bring to their own respective industries and fields.

Since 1994, Global Investigations has remained industry forerunners in an ever-changing technical age. Specialising in fields such as technical and traditional surveillance and fraud detection and due diligence, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve our business. Winning the top prize at the 2017 Leading Fraud Investigators’ Awards is proof of our dedication to providing an unrivalled service for our clients in the UK and internationally, especially in regards to our fraud detectives.

Being a private fraud investigator is no easy task, and the work can be fairly substantial and intensive. We approach each case with strict tenacity, as our very own Jack Roberts explained in an interview with Wealth & Finance International: “The subjects whom we deal with can sometimes appear to us more than once, with more than one client. We ensure diligence investigations and cost effective methods are used, and will always offer some free guidance and a shoulder to lean on. But, more importantly, we offer effective deterrents and contributions to identify the culprits and bringing incriminatory action where it is needed.”

This award would not be possible if it wasn’t for the outstanding people here at Global Investigations. Many staff members have been with us for 18 years and more, showing just how much of a close-knit group we have here. We are very proud to have a family of multi-talented individuals delivering exceptional work each and every day for our clients and customers.

For more on how we obtained the award, read the full interview with Jack Roberts here.

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