Bug Sweeping

Undertaking bug sweeping for our clients is a regular event. We have 2 teams that we use for the UK and abroad and we are meticulous in our approach, from first speaking to our clients away from the sensitive areas to sending our clients a list or schedule of what we will need to undertake. Our listening to our clients brief and going over our Q and A can be constructive enough for us to get to the issue earlier than many others.

We will use a variety of equipments that we take for standard, such as NJLD’s (non linear junction detectors), RF frequency locators, and GSM location tracking devices, camera hunters, thermal wall image readers and much more.

Our Bug Sweeping Services

The agents we send will assess your threat level before arriving and will then discuss a protocol for the sweep away from the main building and with our main contact, the operatives will undertake a full physical sweep as well as a full electronic one and all potential threats will be looked at and investigated.

Our Bug Sweeping Operation for Our Clients

Our aims are to be with our clients within a very short period of time and have a diligent and ultimately effective operation achieved in as short a time as our client allows and in the circumstances they choose to dictate. Operating as electrical technicians and maybe in the locality whilst the business is in somewhat working operation is not unusual to us. Conducting sweeps at people’s homes can be daunting for the client and our team will be reassuring and will strive to accommodate all our client needs and questions, and make the process very easy.

Bug Sweeping

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